Simple, No-strings Tesla Vehicle Subscriptions

No long term contracts. No hidden charges. No Jargon. Just super simple, fully supported vehicle rental and ownership for London’s private hire and ride share drivers.

Breathe is Hiring!

Due to our incredible growth, Breathe are now hiring for customer advisors! If you like helping drivers find the right solution and delighting customers at every step of the journey – get in touch: [email protected] and tell us why our drivers would love speaking with you!

Flexible work from home whilst also getting to meet drivers and be part of Breathes vehicles hand over process. Competitive benefits and all training provided.

Simply, Breathe


Breathe offer fully supported, simple subscription packages built around drivers earning more per week whilst driving the amazing tech-filled and super-safe Tesla Model 3.

Save on fuel. Save on Congestion & ULEZ charges.

Learn more about the Uber Clean Air Fund


Everything included for £349.00

  • Offer shown without any Clean Air Fund (CAF) support being applied which would reduce this price
  • Does not include the VAT rebate supported by Breathe that could significantly reduce this price
  • Fully managed service
  • Low £500 deposit
  • The simplest way to get behind the wheel and own your very own, brand new Tesla Model 3
  • Everything included to get you on the road earning with super fast maintenance, repair and insurance
  • Own your car in just 4 years
  • Fully flexible subscription with your choice of voluntary down payment
  • 24 hour phone support
  • 40,000 miles per annum with payment break included
  • Contact Breathe for a personalised quotation


Everything included for £324.00

  • Offer shown without any Clean Air Fund (CAF) support being applied which would reduce this price by upto £25 per week
  • Fully managed service
  • Low £500 deposit
  • Rent one of our New Model 3’s the quickest way and start driving without a long contract
  • Everything included to get you on the road earning with super fast maintenance, repair and insurance
  • Fully flexible subscription with just 30 days notice
  • 24 hour phone support
  • 40,000 miles per annum with payment break included
  • Contact Breathe for a personalised quotation
“FlexiHire” is an Unregulated Hire agreement under the Business Use Exemption. This agreement is to be entered into wholly or predominantly for the purposes of business. This agreement will not have the benefit of the protection and remedies available under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 or under the Consumer Credit Act 1974. For “FlexiOwn” Breathe EV ltd is authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority.
Expanded terms and conditions

Further Cash Benefits With Tax Support From Breathe & EaziTax

Every self-employed person must complete a tax return. This includes drivers who fall below the current mandatory registration threshold.

Breathe offer a ‘hands-off’ service for drivers which includes completing all the administration for the FRS return that can offer up to £60.00 VAT rebate per week depending on earnings.

Watch this short video to see how it works! 


I’ve Seen What Look Like Cheaper Options So Why Chose Breathe?

The headline prices for Breathe’s cars at a first glace might look higher than other options. This is true and it is very intentional. Let us explain why not all is as it might appear.

Our prices are based on our unique experience and we suggest you look very closely at the details and discover what is included in any offer that appears cheaper. At Breathe, we don’t want to force our drivers to be fearful, be caught out by the hidden fine print or discover they are liable for a large payment in the future. Our offer is written in plain language and we have taken a  different approach to pricing, one that is simple and protects the driver. We know that a low headline price is appealing but its the true cost of driving that is important, allows you to plan for your future and gives you peace of mind.

We are a small, lean organisation. Hopefully you’ll get to meet some of us in person at your vehicle collection! We aren’t bloated with lots of administration costs that gets passed on. We are also super transparent. There are no hidden costs or surprises that could have a huge unexpected impact on your finances.

We rely on our customers to recommend us to others and believe they are our best asset. We want to take the best care of our most important assets. Another reason we offer the worlds’ safest cars!


Giving You Unbeaten Warranty & Piece of Mind for the Driver:

Our team at Breathe include senior executives that used to work at Tesla and know how important the maintenance and warranty of the a Tesla is. Breathe understand the warranty cover intimately. We know in detail what it includes and importantly what it excludes. To ensure that Breathe drivers do not have any significant unexpected costs, Breathe believe in covering the vehicle for the entire period of the subscription. That’s, everything.

You can see directly here from Tesla’s website when the warranty runs out. If you were doing 40,000 miles per year, you would be out of vehicle warranty in a little over 15 months. You can also see the warranty cover on the battery and drivetrain. A quick google search will highlight the potential costs of a new motor or battery system which will very clearly demonstrate the risk being taken and the value of having this covered for you.

Rather than place the entire risk on the driver, Breathes view is to offer piece of mind. This is a big undertaking and why Breathe are unique in offering such comfort to its drivers.

Key Takeaway: Breathe warrant the vehicle for the full 4 year term, removing the unknown and potentially very costly risk for the driver.


Service & Maintenance

Because of the ex-Tesla experts Breathes team have, they know the importance and implications of correct, official service. We know it’s important to work every hour you chose and Breathe are there to support with instant response and multiple options to keep you on the road should your vehicle let you down.

Key Takeaway: Breathe will only service your car by official Breathe supplier, ensuring the highest resale value for your vehicle.



Outside of damage or punctures, Breathe cover your tyre replacement for the entire subscription. We are able to do this due to the negotiated rates secured, allowing you to directly benefit from Breathes economies of scale and special tyre pricing.

Key Takeaway: With included tyres, you will save money over time.


Deposit vs Down Payment – What is best for the driver

Breathe do not ask for any down payment. The down payment is an amount of money that, even if you exit the contract, you will never get back. Breathe only ask for a deposit that is refunded if the vehicle is returned with fair wear and tear. This also means it costs less to get behind the wheel and you can use the cash saved to work for you in another investment.

Key Takeaway: Only a refundable deposit and no large upfront costs.



We will only ever provide fully electric vehicles because we believe they are not only safer, better for our city and also for the driver and passengers with their smooth, quiet ride.



Our expert team support you with every part of using an EV and Charging so you can focus on driving and earning. Join drivers who have made the switch to Breathe and pick up your new Model 3 directly from Tesla!

Subscribe with just 1 months notice

Be fully supported by the PCO and EV expert team

Use the amazing Tesla Supercharging network and Breathe’s supported home charging program

Fully maintained with ludicrously fast service and repair

On the road support to keep you earning

Earn more every week and be future proofed for Londons emission zones

Breathe was created by a team of PCO industry professionals that knew there had to be a better way to serve the driver community. Better cars, flexible terms, better service and more take-home money for every driver that joins the community. To make it happen, we have pulled together an expert team of PCO professionals and are joined by ex-Tesla and ex-Uber team members that understand you, the driver.

Apply now and go electric!

Check your eligibility

  • You need to be at least 25 years old – these are fast and beautiful cars!
  • You need to have 2 years of driving experience and a valid UK driver’s license
  • Be happy to share with us any convictions in the last 5 years, including CCJ’s past or pending
  • Be happy to share with us any Insurance claims from the last 2 years
  • You need to have had a Private Hire Driver License (PCO license & badge) for a minimum for 2 years
  • Be a UK resident or have a qualifying work permit
  • We’ll need you to provide valid personal ID and proof of home address
  • You’ll need to have a UK bank account and we’ll check for a qualifying credit score (we’ll always do our best to be flexible and understand your situation)
  • Finally, we’ll need your Uber rating and current Uber clean air fund credit number if you wish to use this fund
  • We really are keeping it simple!